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Everyday carry and travel essentials. Products include Traveler's Notebook, polarized wooden sunglasses, cord tacos, leather wallets, EDC gear, Treasure Map, Voyager, journals, and more. 




Traveler's Notebook: Your Everyday Carry Travel Companion

Nelson Yu


Whether it is an overseas travel to another country or getting some work done at a coffee shop, don't forget to bring along the Traveler's Notebook with you. The notebook pages are refillable, making it your lifetime companion. The Traveler's Notebook comes in a wide variety of colors. so you can be sure you can find one that first your personality. Currently, there are two (2) sizes: Standard (8.46" x 4.33") and Passport (5.16" x 4.11").

Being lightweight and beautiful, the Traveler's Notebook will help you to accumulate all your notes, sketches, and fun-filled experiences in one place. Just imagine. How wonderful would it be to go through all your adventures a few years from now? If you agree, start shopping now! Rest assured, you will cherish your notebook.

The Traveler's Notebook, simply put, is a must have journal for all travelers and adventurers, regardless of the type of journey they are embarking on. The quintessential travel buddy, you can pen your thoughts and inspirations through the journey and keep yourself busy. To take it one step further, you want to make sure that you get the best quality journal. Our handcrafted, premium leather quality notebooks will wear and age gracefully and as each mark presents itself, you get to add to the notebook's personal charm and give it a well-traveled look. To accentuate its look and boost its functionality, you can choose to add vintage stickers, inserts, and other notebook accessories to customize your own Traveler's Notebook.

Travel accessories like the Traveler's Notebook will make your adventures more enjoyable and introduce an element of convenience to your experiences. So buy yours today.

This is My Bottle

Nelson Yu


Not knowing whose water bottle is whose can be an awkward moment.  Especially since so many water bottles look the same.  For most people, the last thing they want to do is drink out of a bottle that someone else has used.  Having your own water bottle that is instantly recognizable is the perfect solution.  You also want others to know that it is your water bottle though.

The Solution?  Traveler Supply Co has just the solution for you.  My Bottle is the one bottle that lets everyone else know to keep their hands off your property.  No matter what kind of occasion you need a water bottle for, My Bottle is right for you.  It will fit in at work, on the go, at a sports game, or even at home.

Never have your bottle used again.  With My Bottle, no one will ever have the audacity to use your water bottle again.  If someone decides that it would be fun to take your water bottle, it won’t be hard to find.  You can tell yours from everyone else’s, especially if it is in its special bag.  This is why we created My Bottle, to make a difference in the water bottle world.  To make a bottle that stands out.

What is My Bottle?  My Bottle is a clear water bottle with the words “My Bottle” scrolling across them in one of the coolest fonts.  The bottle has a screw top lid that either be drank from directly or using a filter.  The included filter is great for those who want to infuse their water.

One of a kind drawstring bag.  If you want to take your very own My Bottle with you, it comes with a personal drawstring, linen bag that reads “Don’t Touch This Is My Bottle”.  This bag is designed to be long living and to make your bottle further noticeable when you are bringing it around with you. 

What comes with the My Bottle?  When you by My Bottle, you are getting the following:

·       500 mL My Bottle

·       Standard Lid

·       Filter

·       Personal Drawstring, Linen Bag

What can you do with My Bottle?  Well hold water of course!  But that is not all.  You can use your very own My Bottle to infuse water with fruits, herbs, and/or vegetables.  Others have used their My Bottle to bring their small fruits/vegetables around with them.  My Bottle works great for holding small foods like grapes.

What do you need to know about My Bottle?  My Bottle will hold a wide variety of water and liquids.  It can hold temperatures between -20 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  More importantly than that, the bottle is made from FDA approved, BPA free, Titan plastic.  That means that you are drinking from a safe water bottle.  And, it is eco-friendly because you can reuse My Bottle as many times as you want.

Cleaning My Bottle?  My Bottle can be cleaned with soap and water and then dried. That makes it easy to clean.

The Traveler’s Collection.  The My Bottle water bottle is part of the Traveler’s Collection at Traveler Supply Co.  In the Traveler’s Collection you will find 32 different items that are meant to help you whenever you are out and about.  From notepads, to sunglasses, to My Bottle, you will have everything you need.

The price?  My Bottle can be yours today, for the price of $10.  As far as the cost of water bottles go.  Some modern water bottles that are BPA free can cost as much as $50. Get My Bottle today to make sure that no one ever mistakes your water bottle again. It is also a great conversation starter and unique water bottle to make you stand out in a crowd. Who doesn't like feeling a little different in a good way? 

Get yours now today.

Voyager’s Satchel, Your Travel Companion On The Go!

Nelson Yu

Are you traveling or planning to travel in the near future? Preparing for a holiday or business trip while packing luggage and deciding which essentials you need to carry with you? Then you probably looking for a handy, easy-to-carry, portable bag that you can keep all your everyday carry essentials safe and organized.

The Voyager's Satchel by Traveler Supply Co would surely fit your needs. This small yet spacious, handy yet organized flip top satchel bag is perfect for traveling adventurers who want to look good on their travels. The satchel can serve as a bicycle bag, everyday carry, and traveler's companion on the go.

The Voyagers Satchel is targeted especially at travelers, as well as casual users for their everyday needs. It is designed in such a way to accommodate the needs of every type of users. The satchel can hold almost everything you need to carry with yourself while on the go. Be it cards or pen, earphones or keys, makeup, tools, passport, travel documents, cash, the list goes on. This small and stylish bag offers distinct spaces for different articles of common use. There are card holders, pen holder, key holders, cord organizer, and a larger pouch to hold bigger things or documents.

The Voyager's Satchel is a spacious easy-to-carry leather canvas bag that was carefully crafted according to the traveler's needs. It is handcrafted with fine quality leather that is both flexible and durable. The touch of khaki leather straps on grey canvas gives a class and trendy look.

Show off your style among your peers and colleagues. The Voyager's Satchel is not only a stylish choice for teenagers or young adults, but it is also a classy option for older professionals as well. The best part is that our Voyager's Satchel is affordable and not even a heavy burden on your pocket either.

What are you waiting for? The mountains are calling.


Traveler's Treasure Map: Keeping Your Life Organized On The Go

Nelson Yu

Tired of rummaging through your bags for your keys, makeup, pens/pencils, or tools? Want a stylish way of keeping all your everyday carry essentials organized? Check out our Traveler's Treasure Map

Handcrafted from genuine leather, the Traveler's Treasure Map is a beautiful travel accessory that can hold some of your most used items. It features 2 small slots to hold your pens, pencils, small tools, and more; 2 larger slots for your bigger essentials; and a leather loop for your keys. The map also features an elastic band that is secured around a beautiful button rivet to keep it closed and secured.

Keep your Treasure Map tucked away in your purse or bag. You're now ready for an adventure. What are you waiting for? The mountains are calling.

Traveler's Cord Taco: No More Tangled Cords

Nelson Yu

I bring you the Traveler's Cord Taco, a must have everyday carry! Handcrafted from genuine leather, the taco provide a stylish solution to keeping your cords organized. No longer will you have to experience knots in your cables or tangled ear buds.

The taco is made from high quality leather, sealed with a metal snap, and stamped with our minimal mountain logo. It comes in 2 colors: khaki and coffee. 

For a limited time only, the tacos come as a set of "3" tacos. If colors are not specified upon check-out, we will still make sure you get at least one of each color.

Warning: Do not consume the tacos. They do not taste as good as they look.